Is it better to notice the magic or not see it at all?

Those who notice see something few do.

A peek at perfection.

You watch it dance in front of your nose,

So obvious and gorgeous that it burns the air.

And after it’s gone you’ll remember how special it was,

And long for its return.

Those who can’t see it have nothing to miss.

Summer sunset

Summer fades one second at a time

Like a sunset sinking into the sea.

The date of the last warm day is never known.

The glimmer of the last ray of light is always a surprise.

 If the dates were set, if the times were certain,

We would not let summer slip by so easily.

We would schedule a party for the last warm week.

Swim out into the long evenings and sing by the sea,

Call in sick and drink in the park,

We would enjoy it more.


The other day I took the plane.

I didn’t look out the window once.

We launched off in Dublin and landed in France,

We soared for miles above the clouds.

In a tin machine made for falling,

We climbed and climbed into the heavens.

I wonder if anyone noticed the magic.


Late again you run through the turnstile

Your face to glass but just if you’re lucky.

It’s too hot inside but outside its freezing.

Waiting and waiting for your stop.

Living in dreams and hopes of tomorrow.

Heads to floor and minds left in bed.

Put in your earphones to drown out the silence.

Just one women on the phone dealing with problems.

Hold your breath, tomorrow its Wednesday.

A ring of a bell and then off you jump .

Sweat and deodorant in the carriage behind you.

Almost another day killed, almost another week down.

Start swinging

Knowing is not enough we must apply. Willing is not enough we must do.

This is the greatest piece of advice you will ever receive. Everything else is secondary.

You can learn the right techniques, look up the best advice videos, go to seminars, read books, favorite tweets, like inspirational Instagram posts and so on. However, eventually, you must apply the knowledge. You must do. You must put what you’ve learned into practice.

Looking at videos about good kettle bell swing techniques will get you nowhere nearer to your fitness goals. Start swinging the kettle bell.

Information isn’t scarce. It’s the willingness to do something with it that is. If information was the key we’d all be millionaires with perfect abs.

There will never be a perfect time to start. There will always be another book to read, another video to watch, another hack, another tip, another top 13 list.

Apply what you know now. Start doing what you can now.