Progress = happiness

Unhappiness comes from a lack of progression. You know what you want, but you are not taking any action to achieve it. Over time this leads to unhappiness.

So, progress then equals happiness. In all areas of your life this will be true. Doing anything will help you feel happier.

Sometimes you are in a rut. You don’t know what to do to progress. The answer is to just do something. Do anything. Start. Begin.

You will find that if you keep forcing yourself to start that gradually you will build momentum and you will be doing and achieving.

Do not focus on huge goals and instant change. It is essential that you have a direction of where you want to end up. However, it is better to have smaller, closer, and more achievable goals along the route. This is what builds momentum.

Smaller goals lead you in the right direction. They’re stepping stones which will help you reach your ultimate destination. By breaking larger tasks into smaller ones you will be constantly succeeding, and more importantly, progressing. As a result, you will feel happier.

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